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The School Leadership Search Process


Selection of School Leadership, LLC


Planning Meeting With Board of Education To Begin Specification Development And Establish All Dates and Sequences For The Search

Specification Development

Specification Development Process Seeking Input From Stakeholders Identified by the Board of Education (focus groups, open meetings, surveys)

BOE Approval

Board of Education Approves Specifications and Their Use in Advertising and Screening for the Vacancy


Consultants Assist Board in Creation and Placement of Advertisements and Mailing of a Recruitment Letter


National and Regional Networking and Recruitment Activities By Consultants


Consultants Screen and Vet All Online Applications Against Approved Specifications and Conduct Preliminary  Personal Interviews

Presention of Candidates

Consultants Meet With Board and Present All Expressions of Interest in the Position Together With Their Recommendations As to Those Recommended For Semi-Finalist Status and Interviews By the Board

Selection of Semi-Finalists

Board Determines Semi-Finalists

Interview Protocols

Consultants Assist Board in Establishing Its Interview Protocols and Processes

Selection of Finalists

Board Interviews Semi-Finalists and Selects Finalists For Further Screening - Board Establishes Finalist Screening Process (e.g. site visit, committees)

Vetting of Final Candidates

Board Members Vet Finalists and Board Counsel Begins Preliminary Contract Discussions With Each Finalist

Final Selection

Board Members Conduct Finalist Interviews And Make An Employment Offer

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